Birthday Dinner, Too

Kind of like Look Who's Talking, Too. Clever? Last night Tim and I met two friends in Baltimore (again) for another Birthday Dinner. I am in birthday dinner heaven! So in case you were wondering, this will be another post of pictures of delectable food. Jealous, much? JK. We went to a restaurant called Woodberry… Continue reading Birthday Dinner, Too

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout 7/30-8/5

This is a difficult week and my plan is definitely not going to be follower to the T. My birthday was yesterday and I had dinner plans in Baltimore (an hour away) so it was an OFF day. Wednesday I am going to Tim's parents for my birthday so instead of doing home to do… Continue reading Weekly Workout 7/30-8/5

Marathon Training

Pure Disappointment

Last night was a fun-filled night of Olympic Ceremony watching and eating brownies. I went to bed at 11 since my alarm clock was going off at 7:04 (note: I am weird and only set my alarm at times other than :00 and :05). My friend Meg, who is training for her first marathon, as… Continue reading Pure Disappointment