I hate Thunderstorms

I swear I have moved to a town in MD that is prone to thunderstorms every night. I am serious. I moved from Baltimore to the ‘burbs 3 weeks ago and I can definitely count on both my fingers and toes the amount of midnight thunderstorms that have occurred. And not just a “scattered thunderstorm” but intense light up the sky lightning and thunder that appears to happen just over my house. Obviously, this occurred last night and being the light (est) sleeper that I am, I woke up and got to observe the show. Did I also mention that I may or not be afraid of the dark and thunderstorms DO NOT help that fear?

Anyway, enough about me griping about the weather. I mean, I could talk about the heat but I’ll save that for another day. Yesterday, started out as a great day. I was my usual antsy self sitting at my desk itching for 4:30 so I can get my tempo workout in before kickball. Yes, I am on a kickball team and yes, kickball is A LOT harder than it was in 5th grade. I’ll get to our kickball game in a minute. I made some delicious overnight oats for breakfast paired with some cinnamon, half of a banana, plain greek yogurt, and some almond butter.

Yum.. definitely tasted better than it looks

The work day dragged by with a little lunch in between (tuna salad mixed with hot sauce instead of mayo) and some buffalo wing pretzels crisps and a lot of twittering and blog reading. Shhh, don’t tell my boss.

Then…. 430 came!! I jumped out of my seat and skipped to the gym to change. No, not really but it’s how I felt. And then it happened. A big fail for my tempo run. Tear. I felt great. I put on my new PRO Compression Socks that came in the mail the day before and I was ready for my 7 miler.

Don’t I look ready?

I know, sweet shoes right? Thank runningbun for the purple laces. Anyway, my 7 mile tempo turned into a 5.16 mile run  (45: 11) with some walk breaks, maybe some crying, and a whole lot of regret. But hey, everyone has an off day right? I am hoping my scheduled 10 mile long run on Saturday, 6 which will be run with Charm City Run,  turns out a lot better than yesterday’s run.

After my failed attempt at a tempo, I rushed to make it to kickball in the rain. Rain, thunder, and lightning do not stop Team Safety Pink from getting down and dirty. A quick recap of last week’s game and our first, we SUCKED. Sorry for the profanity. I think we all assumed that we would have the same skills as our past 5th grader selves and came in cocky and ready to kick some ASS! Uggh, again with the profanity. We lost BAD. The other team started to play volleyball in the outfield just to keep the game going longer. They were a little too competitive for our liking. What happened to the SOCIAL league? This week’s game, on the other hand, went a lot better. We still lost but played 100x better and had some great plays. The 60 beers that were brought for the 10 players definitely helped team morale. I am sorry for the lack of pictures but I didn’t want to bring any electronics into a hurricane.

The rain did give way for our post game pool party and BBQ. The 10 of us went back to a friend’s house and cooled off in his massive pool, grilled some burgers and hot dogs, and finished our cooler of beers. All in all, a great Thursday night. And a 930 bedtime for this exhausted girl!


1 thought on “I hate Thunderstorms”

  1. The tough runs make the awesome ones that much better. You’ll rock tomorrow’s 10!!

    My sister lives right near you & she is always bitching about the thunderstorms. And MD in general haha

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