Weekly Workouts

Beast Mode

I am a beast. Or that’s how I feel after my Saturday morning long run. I woke up this morning and looked at the weather for the weekend and decided to postpone my scheduled 10 mile long run until tomorrow since the weather for Sunday looked gorgeous. Then I made a great call and decided to get up off of my butt and run today in the cloudy high 60s/low 70s perfect running weather instead. And what a great call it was! First, I needed to fuel up. I had a banana with some peanut butter and a Honey Stinger lemon flavored waffle. Have you tried these? They are amazing. I can eat them for dessert they are so good! I also filled up my RRS water bottle with some lemon iced tea NUUN, yum! 

I mapped out a 10 mile route around my new neighborhood, put on my PRO compression socks, bright green sneaks and headed out.

8:25 8’25″/mi
17:34 + 0:43 (-9%) 9’09″/mi
26:39 – 0:04 (0%) 9’04″/mi
36:09 + 0:25 (-5%) 9’29″/mi
44:25 – 1:12 (12%) 8’16″/mi
53:10 + 0:27 (-6%) 8’44″/mi
1:01:45 – 0:09 (1%) 8’35″/mi
1:09:23 – 0:56 (11%) 7’38″/mi
1:17:57 + 0:55 (-13%) 8’33″/mi
1:26:13 – 0:16 (3%) 8’16″/mi

I definitely ran faster than I should have but I was in beast mode and could not be stopped! I took some pictures along the way to document my run.

Mile 3.3 ish with the local pub in the background. Too bad they weren’t open yet for a nice mid run beer.

I felt great throughout the entire run and that just makes me so happy. It was definitely a HUGE improvement from Thursday’s failed tempo run. One thing I am not used to is the hills around this area but at least it forces me to build some stronger legs!

Mile 6 hill I conquered. This picture does not do the hill any justice. I swear it was a monster!

At Mile 8, it decided to start pouring. Thankfully I only had 2 miles left. I took my long sleeve shirt that was now around my waist and tied it over my iPhone arm band. The last thing I wanted to happen was have an iPhone with water damage. I ended up running 10.2 miles by the time I got to my door and walked into a welcome from my roomie. I was ecstatic that I had someone to tell my run about. She took a picture of me post run. Thanks Alyssa!

Two thumbs up for a successful long run!

Sorry about all the gloating. I am just beyond thrilled for a great long run and one I did without any company except for my music. Goal for next week? Find a friend to run with.

Next up, a post run breakfast of eggs, toast, and berries. Its not a very filling breakfast but I am going to a summer BBQ later today and I know I will eat everything in site and then some. I don’t trust myself at BBQs. I am a bottomless pit.

Happy Saturday and have a great weekend friends!

How did everyone’s long run go this morning?
What are your plans for the weekend?
What do you like to eat pre-run and post-run?

Ok, GO!!


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