Pizza with the boys

My Sunday was just like my Saturday but even more relaxing. How is that so? Well, I was LAZY! I woke up around 9 which is probably the latest I’ve slept in months and I think my 10 mile long run, volleyball, and late night (11pm!) at Buffalo Wild Wings had something to do with that. I had a delicious breakfast of coffee and Kashi Go Lean cereal with soy milk and bananas.

Lovely housewarming flowers from my friend Jenn

And then A LOT of lounging around with the roommate. We watched Baby Boom and Bridesmaid. Finally around 12 i peeled myself off the couch to workout. I did a NTC Fighter Fit workout after my failed attempt at Insanity. Shawn T was just not doing it for me today. After I sweat my butt off for 30 minutes, I was famished and made a turkey burger with feta cheese, avocado, and of course, hot sauce! I paired my sandwich with a homemade cucumber, avocado, and tomato salad and some spinach.


Tonight’s activities included taking the drive up to the boy’s new apartment! And he put me to work! Doesn’t he remember that I moved less than a month ago??

After cleaning and shopping for the new place, we finally had dinner at 9pm.

Now that he moved out, he has to clean his own dishes!
While roomie Rob relaxes on the couch

 Now, no judging on my very nutritious dinner. Like I said, by the time we could even think about dinner it was 9pm and we did not want to go out and spend money and wait on food that late since we still needed to shower and get ready for the work week. So, Red Baron pizza it is! And Ithaca Apricot Wheat of course!

Me & Tim drinking some beers and enjoying the end of a not so lazy Sunday night.

How did everyone else spend their weekend?


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