Weekly Workouts

Week 3 WW Recap

A quick recap of my Weekly Workout for Week 3!

Mon: Insanity Pure Cardio and Cardio abs (Done!)

Tue: Speed workout
1mi warm up, 1200m/1000m/800m/600m/400m with 200m RI, 1mi cool down
5 miles 42:57

Wed:Insanity Plyometrics and NTC Ab Ripper (Done!)

Thurs: 7 mile Tempo Run (5@8:41 pace)
5 miles 45:11 and kickball (2 runs!)

Fri: off!
NTC Flex Machine 30min

Sat: 10 mile long run (9:08 pace)
10.2 miles 1:27:49 (8:36 pace)

Sun: off!
NTC Fighter Fit 30 min

For the most part, i stuck to my running training plan except for my failed tempo run… lets just say I skipped the 1 mile warmup and 1mile cool down. I also added some quick NTC workouts on my days off. YEAH FITNESS!!


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