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Bad day, good day

This morning started off bad. The end.

Bad: I forgot to set my alarm clock. Good: I somehow woke up on my own only 5 minutes after my alarm clock would have woken me up. This is the first instance of today that good followed bad. I made it to work on time and checked some emails before I went off to training. I work in logistics and my job “forces” me to be trained at a certain level dependent on where I am in my career. So, this week I am in a Level 3 Logistics class from 8am until 430ish. I am soooo dedicated to my job that I go to work at 7 to check emails before walking over to the training facility. Anyway, BORING.

We were given an hour lunch so I thought I’d drive over to Panera for my signature Lemon Chicken Orzo soup and Mediterranean Veggie sandwich. Bad: Right before I left my work “campus”, I realized I forgot my id card (FYI, you can’t get back onto campus without it). So, I had to turn around and go back to the training building and knew I wouldn’t have enough time now to go to Panera. More bad: the only place to eat in the training building is Subway and the line was 3489375987439 people long. Good: after waiting for 20 minutes, I realized Subway now offers avocado! Yay! Turkey with spinach, tomatoes, and avocado on an italian sub with apples on the side.

Bad: Class ran late today and by the time I got to the gym, all the treadmills were taken! Yes, I said treadmill. I made the mistake of running outside yesterday instead of doing insanity. I decided on an easy 4miler. Well, the humidity was at about 100% and it felt like 105 degrees out. I am sure if anybody was outside and heard me run by, they would think a cat was dying. I didn’t even recognize some of the sounds coming out of my mouth. Humidity + hot temps + hills DO NOT MIX. For me at least. So today, I did my intervals on the treadmill. I haven’t received my new Garmin FR210 in the mail yet, so it is a lot easier for me to pace myself on the treadmill when running intervals. Good: I felt great running in my compression socks (again!) and killed it at my intervals. Today’s workout was a 1 mile warm up (done in around 9:22), 5 x 1k (pace was between 7:35 and 7:47) with a 400m RI that was half walking half jogging, and a 1 mile cool down (done in around 9:00). The end result was 6.13 miles in 55:09. BEAST MODE.

I rewarded myself with frozen greek yogurt!

European tart with mango and blueberries

I also stopped at Charm City Run Bel Air for some more Honey Stinger Waffles. I didn’t think they would have them because the lemon flavored are fairly new and I was surprised to see that they did have them! I grabbed 4! I had one of the waffles before I ran my 10 miles on Saturday and I am forcing myself to believe that it was the key to my successful run!

Today ended up being a good day. I realized that bad can turn into good and that I just have to believe that when I feel like I am having the worst day, it can only go up. I know, I know, today wasn’t that bad. Things could definitely be a lot worse. But sometimes it just seems like everything is going wrong even though when you step back and put it all into perspective, it’s not so bad. So, that is what I did. I had a GREAT run, a fun night with the roomies, and some delicious frozen yogurt. I have one more thing to share before I bid you farewell. Somebody posted a great quote on twitter today so I decided to share. What do you think?

What are your thoughts on the quote?
How do you remedy a bad day?


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