The SWEET life

Sometimes Tim the boy likes to send me emails after I go to bed so I have something cute to wake up to. I know, adorable, right? Some of you are probably going “BARF!” And that is totally ok, I would do the same thing. Anyway, I woke up to an email with the subject “Your blog…” and that made me nervous. But instead he told me how he thinks the blog is great and thinks it’s awesome how involved I am getting with it. That made me smile! He ended the email with “the boy….” and that is what I shall call him ONLY from now on. His email was a great start to my day. What a happy Wednesday. Class fleeeewwww by and we got out at 3 today! That gave me more time to get home and workout!

I started with my Wednesday Insanity workout of Pure Cardio for 40 minutes and was so into it that I also decided to do a NTC cardio workout for another 30 minutes. GO ME! Yay for motivation! What I neglected to tell you was that the motivation came from the batch of (boxed) brownies I was making. I am not a cook or a baker or do well in the kitchen at all hence why all of my “recipes” are fairly easy and can be made blindfolded (almost). Alyssa (roomie) also informed me that her mother (shootout to Mrs. Raney) made banana zucchini bread. And it blew my brownies out of the water. Obviously because the bread is homemade and my brownies were from a box!

So delicious I had 2 slices! Sorry, brownies.

And just so you don’t think the above sweets were my dinner, I did make a delicious Morningstar turkey burger with feta cheese, avocado,  and hot sauce (of course!) with spinach and broccoli. I’ve been putting lemon juice on my veggies for the past week and love it! Also, I’m not sure you have realized but turkey burgers or portobello burgers have been my dinner for 2 weeks straight. I need to go food shopping like whoa!

Now onto more interesting things. Pro Compression has a GREAT deal going on right now until the 29th for $20 off their Limited Edition USA Marathon Socks. Go Team USA! I ordered them the minute I saw the deal because 1) I love PRO Compression Socks and 2) I love a great deal! Use code SOM712 and GET THEM NOW!! I can’t wait to sport them during the Olympics!

Happy Wednesday and GOOD NIGHT!

Do you wear compression socks? Have you tried Pro Compression socks? What brand do you wear?
Do you have a sweet tooth like me? Any “healthy” sweets you recommend?


1 thought on “The SWEET life”

  1. I bought the socks too. Because I have no self-control!

    Lately every few weeks I’ve been making http://www.skinnytaste.com/2008/11/makeover-banana-nut-bread-3-pts.html. I split the batter in half, putting walnuts in one half and using it for muffins (breakfast) and dark chocolate chips in the other, in a loaf pan (for “dessert”). This is another good one: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2011/07/low-fat-chocolate-chip-zucchini-bread.html (sub dark choc) although I always end up using a little bit more applesauce because the batter seems dry. Both are really good though, and not terrible for you!

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