Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Happy Friday!! Yesterday was a crazy day and I didn’t get to blog at all! No writing or reading 😦 But…. we won our first kickball game! I was in class until about 4ish yesterday and then hit the gym up to run my 6 mile tempo. Why do my Thursday runs always blow big snot rockets? Does that analogy even make sense? Another failed tempo run. Did I mention that tempo runs are my least favorite run? I can do intervals any day of the week and I don’t mind long runs but tempo runs SUCK! To me, at least. I ended up running 5 out of the 6 miles which doesn’t really sound bad until I mention that they weren’t all in a row. I ran 3 miles then did a NTC workout because I got a cramp and couldn’t go on and then I went back and ran another mile. I did another NTC workout before I ran my last mile. I didn’t feel like doing the 6th and I had to get to kickball.

Yesterday had a heat index of 110 and we were all sweating buckets. But we played GREAT and had so much fun and beer!! We won the game 6-4 against a team that we heard was really good. WIN!!

I got to wear the safari hat since I got Team Safety Pink the 1st run of the game in the 2nd inning!
Team Safety Pink after our 1st win!

Everyone decided to go out afterwards to celebrate the game but I was pooped from a long day and a long week. I couldn’t wait to snuggle up in my bed and go to bed. I came home to a beautifully made up bed by the boy which made me so happy. Do you see how he made my bears hug? The white bear is a bear I got for Christmas when I was 3!! He is from 1988. Do not do the math. The other bear is a Steiff bear from Germany that Tim got me last year while he was there for work. The 2 bears are friends πŸ™‚

He folded my clothes too!

I also came home to the new Runner’s World which means I did not go straight to bed! I love when I get this in the mail each month. This issue has a whole section on the Olympics and had some great tips. Another surprise I came home to besides a made bed and a magazine was birthday cupcakes!!! My birthday is on Monday and Alyssa bought me cupcakes to enjoy throughout the weekend. Spoiler alert- they are almost gone!


At this point I had already taken a bite out of each

Sorry for all of the pictures but ever since I started blogging, I have gone crazy with taking pictures of everything and that is how i like to document my days.

AND NOW FOR THE EXCITEMENT. Guess what arrived today???

Oh, hello new best friend!

I apologize but you probably won’t be hearing from me for the rest of the night as I play with my new toy! Have a great night and weekend!!

Who has a FR210? Any tips?


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