Birthday Dinner, Too

Kind of like Look Who’s Talking, Too. Clever? Last night Tim and I met two friends in Baltimore (again) for another Birthday Dinner. I am in birthday dinner heaven! So in case you were wondering, this will be another post of pictures of delectable food. Jealous, much? JK.

We went to a restaurant called Woodberry Kitchen in Hampden. This place is very well known around Baltimore and you have to make reservations at least 2 months in advance. I made a reservation back in May for 4 people. They couldn’t fit anymore than 4 for this random MONDAY night in July. We got there around 4 and Jenn and Jon had already been seated. Woodberry kitchen actually gets all of their meat, cheeses, and produce from local growers. EAT LOCAL.

Jenn & Jon
Tim & I

We ordered a bottle of Riesling and the cheese plate to start. I forgot to take a picture of the cheese plate when it arrived, so here is what was left when I remembered.

Brie, blue cheese, and one I forget served with blueberries, honey, and a jalapeno jam

Next up were the entrees. Jon ordered the Braised Liberty Delight Beef served with grits, roasted heirloom tomatoes & carrots, chard, and beef gravy. Jenn ordered the Liberty Delight Beef Tartare appetizer served with red chile mayonnaise, scallion, shallot, and egg yolk and they shared. What a meaty couple 🙂

Braised beef
Beef Tartare

Tim ordered the crab cake, again! Tilghman Island Crab Cake served with potato salad, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, carrot & pea shoots, and tartar sauce. I ordered the Chester River Rockfish Out of the Oven served with potatoes, okra, cherry tomatoes, and charred corn relish.

Crab Cake

We were completely stuffed after our entrees since most of us (except Jenn) finished everything on our plates. But I cannot turn down dessert especially at a new place and on my birthday!! We only ordered one dessert for the table but I pretty much scarfed down the whole thing. I ordered the Blackberry Lead Cake with marscapone cheese, streusel, butterscotch, fresh blackberries, and lemon balm ice cream. The portion was really small for the price but it was AMAZING.

Blowing out my candle!

Another night of being way too full and the food coma set in. Bedtime was the minute we got home. Happy 27th Birthday to me and thank you for all who wished me a happy birthday and celebrated with me! Until next year….


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