Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout 7/30-8/5

This is a difficult week and my plan is definitely not going to be follower to the T. My birthday was yesterday and I had dinner plans in Baltimore (an hour away) so it was an OFF day. Wednesday I am going to Tim’s parents for my birthday so instead of doing home to do Insanity, I might run or workout at the gym. This weekend, I will be in RI for a wedding. Weeks like this one stress me out.

Monday July 30:
Insanity Plyometrics- This is what my plan calls for but it’s my birthday and instead I ate a lot at BIRTHDAY DINNER! Off day.

Tuesday July 31:
Speed workout
1mi warm up, 3 x 1600m (8:00 pace) with 1 min RI, 1mi cool down
NTC workout (whatever I feel like doing today)

Wednesday August 1:
Insanity Cardio Power and NTC Ab Ripper are scheduled
12 mile LR
Weight Lifting/Cardio Circuit at the gym

Thursday August 2:
6 mile Tempo Run (3 miles @ 8:20 pace)

Friday August 3:
off! Flying to RI bright and early!

Saturday August 4:
12 mile Long Run (8:54 pace)
off (if LR is done Wed)

Sunday August 5:
off! (Flying back to MD)
Happy Training!
How’s your training going?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout 7/30-8/5”

  1. Ahh don’t stress!! Get in the workouts you can, and if you miss ’em – forget about them! There’s always next week 🙂 Sometimes life gets in the way, and well, there’s really no way to avoid that. Do your best & have fun in RI!

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping to do as much as I can before I leave. But I’m heading to Newport so I’m hoping to find a really pretty place to run around. Like all the mansions by the water 🙂

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