The travel day from hell

I spent the weekend in Newport, RI for my friend Nicole & Jon’s wedding. What a beautiful place to get married! I flew in Friday morning and met my friends at the beach before we headed to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.

Jess, Jackie, and I before the rehearsal dinner

My long run was scheduled for Saturday but I knew it would be hard to get a run in this weekend so instead I went to the gym with the boys and then had some lunch before getting ready for the wedding.

Waiting for the shuttle to the venue

The place was spectacular and the bride and groom looked gorgeous (and very handsome). The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Belle Mer on Goat’s Island in Newport.


Now, onto the reasoning for the title of my story. If anyone was traveling (by plane) on Sunday along the east coast than you understand my frustration. I was dropped off fairly early at the airport (1230) for a 355 flight. I decided I’d just buy a ton of magazines, eat lunch, and try to nap at the airport. When I headed to my gate around 3, an announcement was made that the plane had arrived but due to heavy air traffic, we would have an update at 430 on our flight status. No, not that we were departing at 430.. we would have an UPDATE at 430. Then we received another announcement that the delay was due to storms down in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. 430 turned to 530 and then turned to 630.

FINALLY, we boarded at 645. Once we were ready for takeoff, the captain informed us that air traffic control had postponed our flight another 25-30 minutes and we taxied until 715. AND WE WERE OFF! We landed at 9 (ya know, only 4 hours after I was supposed to land in Baltimore) and as we were making our way to the gate, the captain informed us again that there was another plane at our gate and we would have to wait. We finally got to the gate at 930 and people were jumping over each other to get out of the plane. I still had to get my luggage, get on the shuttle to get my car from the express lot, and drive 45 minutes home. The monsoons I encountered along the way didn’t help with my mood but I finally made it home at 11pm. I am writing you from home today because I knew I needed a good night’s sleep and called out sick this morning. I am achy and tired from sitting in an airport for 6 hours yesterday and then traveling for 4 hours.

Now, onto my 12 mile long run that I skipped this weekend!



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