Marathon Training

Philadelphia Marathon Training

I have been getting a little nervous lately about the Philadelphia Marathon. It is my FIRST marathon and I am sure I am not the first person to get the “first date jitters” with the marathon. My workouts have been going pretty well, especially my speed workouts but those are my favorite, so I am not surprised. My long runs are a different story. Long runs 8, 9, and 10 were great. 11, and 12 not so much. I am afraid my body won’t be able to handle the distance. But then again, it is my fault for putting a very, very ambitious goal of sub 4 for my first attempt at 26.2 miles.

So today, I decided to sign up to run with the CLIF Pace Team. Ashley and Melissa are running the marathon as well  (together) but we are running at different paces and I don’t want to run alone. I know, i know. I will be surrounded by thousands of other runners. I am just not the greatest pacer. ::cough:: I start out way too fast ::cough::
Who is running the Philadelphia Marathon with a sub 4 hour goal?! Who wants to run the Philadelphia Marathon with me!?


3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Marathon Training”

  1. See how your training goes before you keep freaking out. The marathon is very far away and you have plenty of time to build up the long runs. So far, you’re training is going so well. Try and silence the negative thoughts and just believe in yourself and your abilities. You have come so far as a runner, don’t think anything is out of reach!

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