Marathon Training

Joke’s Over

Wednesday seemed just like any other day at work until I walked down the stairs to go to lunch and BOOM not so fun pain in my right knee. Oh NO NO NO, I thought. But I really didn’t think much about it because Wednesday was my XT day and I wasn’t planning on running. I didn’t really feel the pain unless I was walking down stairs so I took the elevator instead (fatty!). Wednesday night I did 2 NTC workouts and felt fine but note that during the NTC cardio circuit I did a lot of lunges and squats.

Come Thursday. I get home from work and change into my running clothes and drive to the local trail in my town since it was way too hot to run in the sun and the trail is covered by tons of trees. The trail was deserted and I definitely didn’t feel comfortable running by myself so I just walked up to Main St. and ran there instead. About .3 miles into my run the knee pain came back. I knew right away that I shouldn’t run through it because the last thing I want is to make it worse and be out for weeks or months (GASP!). So I hobbled to my car and went home to pout on my couch.

At 730, Alyssa and I drove to kickball and I brought my knee brace just in case. I decided to ice my knee while we were waiting to play (and drink some beers) and then try to run a little to see how I felt. It was a no go. So I decided to sit out of kickball because sorry kickball team, marathon training comes before kickball.

This morning I woke up and my knee still hurts. JOKE’S OVER knee. I get it. You worked really hard on Monday and Tuesday and you just want to rest. I gave you off yesterday and I will give you off today but you better be ready for our 14 miler tomorrow morning. End of story.

Any suggestions/comments/remarks?? Its the outside of my right knee and I am getting really nervous that it can end up being something very serious! 😦


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