Monday Funday

I work 9 hour days at my job so I can have every other Monday off. I love my Mondays off! I feel like I get so much done! And since I didn’t have to make up my long run this Monday (still resting up this knee), I got to sleep in a little bit. I woke up at 8 and made some breakfast before I got ready to go to the allergist.

Kashi Go Lean cereal with bananas, cinnamon, and almond milk

Last month I had a major allergic reaction to something. It happened twice in 2 days right after I ate chocolate covered pomegranate seeds so my assumption is that I am allergic to Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. No, I am not allergic to chocolate and no, I am not allergic to pomegranate seeds because I have had both before with no reaction. After going to the walk in clinic and being prescribed steroids and taking a benadryl shot, the hives disappeared but I still made an appointment with the allergist. Luckily (sarcasm), they could get me in a month and a half later. While at my appointment yesterday, they tested me for a bunch of food allergies.

Fortunately, I am not allergic to anything that they tested me for and for now, I just won’t eat those delicious chocolate covered pomegranate seeds (tear).

After I got back from the allergist and Ikea (I had to pick up a tv stand and nightstand for Timothy), I did a 45 minute NTC Get Toned workout and I am feeling it today. This workout had a ton of lunges, squats, and dead lifts.

I worked up an appetite with NTC and made a delicious salad with the produce I bought from the Farmer’s Market. Spinach with tomatoes, avocado, and feta cheese topped with tuna salad made with buffalo sauce (duh!) and a side of lemon rosemary bread.

My dinner, on the other hand, was not healthy even though I tried my bestest to make it healthy! Tim and I went up to Main St. in Newark, DE (Home of University of Delaware) and ate at Klondike Kate’s 1/2 price Burger night. I ordered the Hawaiian Burger (minus the ham) with a side salad instead of french fries. GO me! I took off the top of the bun and only ate the bottom half of the burger topped with delicious mozzarella cheese and pineapple and 1/2 a bottle of buffalo sauce (double duh!). The reason why I took off one part of the bun and ordered a side salad, you ask? Because I bought cupcakes at Sweet and Sassy cupcakes. Below are the remains of my coconut cupcake and lemon raz cupcake. I only ate 1/2 of each and threw the rest out. Again, GO me!

I have a weakness for cupcakes and I will eat them if I want to!!


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