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New Blog Name: Injured Ritsa?

So I am thinking of changing my blog name to Injured Ritsa. Sounds a lot more accurate than Runner Ritsa. Blah blah, I am not thinking positive right now but I just don’t feel like thinking positive. I have been pain free for a few days; i.e. no pain during NTC workouts or any daily activities; and then BAM! I tried to run yesterday and around mile 2 the pain crept up on me. I decided to push through it because I missed running so much even though I know that wasn’t my smartest idea. By the end of 5.5 miles, I was limping. Now, I am walking around work in a knee brace calling the sports medicine doctor 50x a day to see if they’ve had a cancellation and can fit me in, like NOW!

I have self diagnosed myself with Iliotibial Band Syndrome based on the symptoms and causes I have researched. It looks like a lot of rest and ice for me. I might go buy new stability shoes even though my performance neutral ASICS Sky Speeds are only 2 months old! 😦 Obviously, I will get a proper diagnosis on Tuesday from a real doctor (wait, I’m not a doctor?). Until then, I will be wallowing in self pity and eating lemon cupcakes on my couch.


2 thoughts on “New Blog Name: Injured Ritsa?”

  1. Hi, I just wanted you to know that I had EXACTLY what happened to you, happen to myself a year ago. I was doing a lot of strength training DVDs and also lots of running. Suddenly, out of the blue, I was out on a run and felt this sharp pain on the right side of my knee. I tried to run through it but was completely unable to. I figured that since the pain was coming from the right outside part of my knee it had to be an IT band issue but it wasn’t/ I went to a podiatrist who asked what I had been doing, looked at my knee, and said that I had lateral collateral ligament damage. Basically, from doing squats, lunges, etc. I had screwed up my knee by not paying attention to the correct form. I ended up having to ice it ALOT and taking 6 weeks off for it to completely heal. It sucked, especially since I am not the type of person who easily gets deterred from a slight twinge of pain. What REALLY helped was stretching!

  2. Thanks so much for your advice!! I will definitely know what is going on next week. I made an appointment at a running center run by a sports medicine practice. I started stretching yesterday and have been icing at least 2-3x a day for the last week. Were you able to XT at all during those 6 weeks?

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