Marathon Training

Ignorance is Bliss

I guess I am not really ignorant since I am fully aware of my knee pain (aka self diagnosed ITBS) but I am pretending to be ignorant therefore ignorance is bliss. Why, you ask?

I ran yesterday. Through the pain. I know I am not being smart but from everything I have learned researching ITBS, I have found many runners have pushed through the pain and their training and just made sure they stretched, iced, and foam rolled the hell out of their knee. So yesterday, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill assuming that the surface would be easier on my knee than the concrete/asphalt if I had run outside. And, I ran fast! Another thing I learned about ITBS from google research (aka solid, medical data) is that ITBS sufferers found more relief when they ran faster. So I ran my scheduled 8:35 pace, 5 mile tempo in 39:16 (or a 7:51 pace). I felt a little knee pain but it was more a nuisance than a pain and I take that as a good sign. The pain when I stopped was worse than when I was running so I made sure to stretch and foam roll and then ice my knee on my way to kickball.

I spoke to a Physical Therapist and a Running Center coordinator at a Sports Medicine practice in Towson, MD yesterday. The running center is a place specifically for, you guessed it, runners and is staffed by physical therapists who offer a comprehensive program designed specifically for endurance athletes. They help to diagnose and assist in recovering from an injury, and help prevent injuries from occurring. This makes me happy because the last place I want to go is to a doctor that doesn’t understand that i NEED to run. The woman I spoke to was very nice and also agreed that, from my symptoms, she thinks I have ITBS. She also was able to get me in on Monday so we can “get me back on the road ASAP.” I love her already. More details on my diagnosis/recovery regimen/etc. to come next week. Stay tuned!

For those of you who think I am being dumb (like the boy), I agree with you a little. I will make another ignorant statement before I sign off today: I don’t think I can make it THAT much worse by Monday so if I feel I can run with little pain, than I am going to do it. Philly needs me there on November 18th! If my really great running center PT friend tells me to stop running for a little while at my appointment on Monday then I will listen to her. But until then, I am going to bathe in my blissful “ignorance.”


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