Race Recap

Appendix Awareness 5k 8/19/2012

When I went to Glasgow Park (in Delaware) yesterday to attempt a long run, I saw signs for a 5k that was taking place that day. Since it was only 8am and the race started at 9, I thought I would sign up and warm up a little bit before the race started.

It was a small race to benefit the PMP Research Foundation . The foundation was started in 2008 by a group of individuals who have been affected by an abdominal cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP). It seemed like everyone there knew each other and it was nice to see friendly interactions between the people coming together for a good cause. I am always for signing up for races that are solely for charity benefits.

I ran 2 miles around the park (it’s 2.7 miles around) and came back to the start line to get ready for the race. Only about 20 people lined up around me and I was very surprised. I have never ran a race that small before. The guy from the race timing group said “go” and we were off. We ran about .4 miles (or it was supposed to be) of a side walk area and then got on the 2.7 mile course around the park. I stayed around the same pace the whole time and ended up finishing in 7th place at 21:55. Unfortunately my watch told me I only ran 2.95 miles which would make the 5k time about a minute or so off. Whether it was 21:55 or 22:55, it is still a PR! We will go with the 5k’s timing of 21:55. WOOHOO! I was also the 1st girl to finish and got a nice medal and applause. Wow, I love small (super small) races!

Avg Pace
Summary 37:16.1 4.95 7:32
1 7:55.7 1.00 7:56
2 7:24.5 1.00 7:25
3 7:00.7 1.00 7:00
4 :01.8
5 7:24.0 1.00 7:24
6 :01.6 0.00 6:41
7 7:27.8 0.95 7:28

The 1st 2 miles are my warm up miles and then I paused it until the 5k started (splits 3, 5, and 7). I am not really sure what my watch was doing with splits 4 and 6.

The race course was primarily flat and since it was fairly early, not very crowded. At one point, I did almost have to stop for a car coming into the park. Since, it was a small race and their first annual race for this cause, I didn’t expect roads to be closed or any of the frills of a large race. Next year, they definitely need to market the race a little more because the race course is nice and so were the people. I did obviously get a t-shirt. Yay, more t-shirts to throw into a drawer I rarely open. One of these days, I will make something out of all those t-shirts.

Race rating: 7 out of 10


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