Puppy Love & Pizza

While Tim was at Hunter Safety class on Saturday, I took advantage of a rest day and slept in until about 10am. I cannot even tell you the last time I slept past 8. It felt really nice. I had some Chobani apple cinnamon Greek yogurt for breakfast and watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother before laying by the pool for a few hours. I came back to the house and made lunch (grilled ham and cheese) and waited for the boy to get home. After we showered and got ready for the night, we headed to his parents to feed the pups and let them out since his parents went away for the night.

First off, let me tell you that these are the cutest, most well behaved pups ever! And I am completely in love with both of them. Ewok is an 8 year old yellow lab and Skeeter is a 6 year old chocolate lab. So yes, they are not technically puppies.

I can’t get enough of them! When Tim lived at home, Ewok would always come in and lay on his clothes on the bedroom floor. I always felt so bad when we kicked him out of the room at night! 😦

I decided to have a photo shoot with them Saturday night and Tim was thrilled to be the photographer!

After play time was over, we headed to the mall (again) and then to California Pizza Kitchen. We were both in the mood for some pizza and decided on CPK because it was right in the mall.

We ordered red & white sangria and an Arugula & asparagus salad to start. We each ordered our own pizza (fatties!) and shared. I ordered the thin crust 5 cheese and tomato and Tim ordered the BBQ Pizza with half pineapple (for me!).

Another lazy ending to the night. A movie on the couch with my love and an 11pm bedtime! And I was perfectly OK with that!

How do you like to spend your Saturday nights!?


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