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Week 6 (pt 2) WW Recap

You all know I’ve been suffering from a knee injury. I was pain free last weekend so I decided to redo Week 6’s workouts. I was somewhat successful.

Monday August 13:
NTC 45 minute cardio circuit
NTC Body Buffer

Tuesday August 14:
Speed workout
2 x [6 x 400m (200m RI)]; 800m pace for the 1st set (alternate workout taken from Furman University’s Tuesday Track Workout website) My knee started to hurt halfway through the run, which I ran on the treadmill for less impact than the road, and finished the run without the 1 mile cool down. I ran the first 6 intervals at 7:47 and the last 6 intervals at 7:35.
5.5 miles, 50:28 (9:10 pace)
NTC workout Shoulder Shaper

Wednesday August 15:
NTC 45 minute cardio circuit & abs

Thursday August 16:
5 mile Tempo Run (8:35 pace)  Actual- 39:16 (7:51 pace)
My knee felt ok throughout most of the run. It hurt more afterwards when I was just walking.

Friday August 17:
NTC 15min Shoulder Ripper
NTC 15min Abs
Strength Training

Saturday August 18:
14 mile Long Run (9:08 pace)

Sunday August 19:
NTC 45 minute cardio circuit

Sunday morning, I ran a spur of the moment 5k in the park I like to run at. I ran a 2 mile warmup and then ran the 5k! My knee started hurting towards the end but I didn’t care because I was the first female to finish overall! I also set a new PR of 21:55. I think the course was less than 3.1miles though 😦 More to come on the race in my race recap tonight!

Post 2 mile warmup, pre-race

2 mile warm up:
Mile 1: 7:56
Mile 2: 7:25
Mile 3: 7:01
Mile 4: 7:24
Mile 5: 7:28

After I got home from the park, I decided to try one of Julie’s (Peanut Butter Fingers) cardio circuits. It took approximately 15 minutes and looked like this:

No long run this week. I am hoping to try my 14 mile long run again next week!


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