Marathon Training

Doctor’s orders

I CAN RUN! I went to the Towson Sports Medicine Running Center yesterday and saw Rebecca, an athletic trainer/doctor/physical therapist/dream maker and after a thorough look at my knee, she told me I can still run and train for my marathon. She checked the strength and flexibility of my legs, knee, and hips. She knew right away it was my IT band and gave me 8 exercises to do 2x a day every day for the next few weeks. She also told me to ice and foam roll 1-2x a day, as well. You can understand how happy I was to hear her say that I could still run and train for Philly even if she also told me to lay off of speed work for the next week or so and focus on flat, easy runs. Speed work Tuesdays are my favorite days so it is a little upsetting but not as upsetting as my first assumption that Rebecca was going to tell me to stop running. Everyone i talked to, including Tim, was trying to prepare me for the word “REST.” But i proved everyone wrong, mwahahahahah.

2 more hours of work and then time to run!



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