Week 7 WW Recap

Monday August 20:
NTC 45 minute cardio circuit (“Fire Drill”)

Tuesday August 21:
Speed workout
6 x 800m (7:35 pace) 90 Sec RI
My DR told me not to work on my speed while my IT band was still irritated so I went out without my watch and ran the distance of my speed work without the intervals.
6 miles (51:55)
NTC workout Shoulder Shaper

Wednesday August 22:
Track Circuit (Found here)

Thursday August 23:
8 mile Tempo Run (6 @ 8:20 pace)
Again, no tempos either (DR’s orders). 6.1 miles (53:54)
Kickball (2 games)

Friday August 24:
Rest day

Saturday August 25:
14 mile Long Run (9:08 pace)
Rest Day

Sunday August 26:
NTC 45 minute cardio circuit
Wildwood Half Marathon (spur of the moment)
13.21 (2:04:21)

Hopefully I can stick to my plan more this week. I see a lot more strikeouts than there should be!

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