Crab Feast

Last night we got together at the boys’ house (aka the Deth Trap, aka the Trap) for a nice little family crab feast. Meg bought a bushel of crabs doused in old bay seasoning and corn on the cob and we had a cookout. I am not sure if you know how many crabs are in a bushel but 10 very hungry guys and 3 girls could barely make a dent in it. I think it’s approximately 7 dozen or so.

While we waited for Jen to arrive with the aluminum foil (yes, we were not very prepared for the crab feast), the boys watched football and Tim waited anxiously for the feast to begin. Damnit Jen!

When Jen finally arrived, we made our way to the backyard for the opening ceremony aka go time. And we dug in! About 7 crabs, a corn on the cob, and 2 cheddar biscuits later, I was down for the count. Cuts on my hands and all. Crabs- 1, Ritsa- 0.

I will definitely seek redemption at the next crab feast. Great job to Meg for coordinating the event and for the boys’ generous offer to host.

The aftermath

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