Happy September

So… Happy September. I was looking through some old posts today from August and came across my August Goals post. Lets see how I made out.

August Goals:

  • Drink more green tea FAIL
    • I don’t think I drank 1 cup of tea the whole month
  • Run 100 miles this month (this will force me to run a few more runs than just my scheduled ones)
    • I actually ran 75.66 miles last month but I have a good excuse! I took off about a week or so for my IT band injury. If I hadn’t, I would have definitely ran 100 miles.
  • Plank a day {work up to 2 minutes (I’m weak!)} FAIL
    • This one was also a big fail. I have been doing planks but only during NTC and circuit workouts for a minute at a time. No 2 minute planks for me.
  • Finish my ENTIRE tempo run
    • This one I actually accomplished. I ran my ENTIRE 5 mile tempo in Week 6 (part 2). I am not sure if you can actually consider this a complete success since I only did it 1 out of 4 weeks.
  • Drink more water
    • I have been trying to drink at least 2-3 bottles of water while at work, as well as a few glasses at night. My water intake has definitely increased….SUCCESS!

OK.. let’s try this again. My goals for September are:

September Goals:

  • Run 100 miles
  • Continue to drink more water
  • Limit sweets & wait for it… cupcakes
  • Learn new recipes and actually cook them
  • Continue to perform IT band stretches and exercises.
  • Foam roll 2x a day

Cheers to a more successful month in attaining goals.  Happy September!


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