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Iron Chef in the making

Although I was sort of MIA this weekend, I have a good excuse. I was up visiting family and friends in NJ and enjoying the last “official” weekend of summer. Oh, thanks for that, rain!

I also had some free time to try out some new recipes I have seen on other blogs thanks to a fully stocked fridge at my parents (with the exception of a few items). I have so many emails in my inbox from blogs I subscribe to with recipes that I cannot wait to try. So Saturday, I decided to try one of Julie’s smoothies (Peanut Butter Fingers). I am a HUGE fan of key lime pie so when her smoothie post mentioned a key lime pie protein smoothie, I was ecstatic to try it. See her recipe here. I followed most of the recipe but substituted almond milk instead of 2% milk and used fresh bananas (I added ice) instead of frozen bananas. It was delicious! Thanks Julie!

Another recipe I tried was a challah french toast. I actually kind of improvised on this so here’s my own little recipe.

I made this delicious french toast the morning after a looooong night our for myself, Tim, and roomie. I also set the table and anxiously waited for both of them to wake up!

Besides these two recipes, the rest of our meals were enjoyed at Surf Taco, the local shore cuisine. I am not exaggerating when I say the REST of our weekend meals. We spent Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, Sunday lunch, and Monday lunch there. I ordered the same thing every time. A veggie taco (portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, rice, black beans, jack cheese, onions, hot sauce) and a mango shrimp taco (coconut shrimp, cabbage, mango salsa). On Monday, I added a side of waffle fries. Tim also ordered the same thing every time. 2 (or 3 depending on his appetite) teriyaki chicken tacos sand the pico de gallo. He HATES cilantro.

Please send me any delicious recipes you love! I am always willing to try new things as long as they are in my skill level!


4 thoughts on “Iron Chef in the making”

  1. I totally overdo it with the surf taco whenever I am home. BTW, I am hoping to try to make two of the recipes you posted this week. The stuffed portobello mushroom and the caprese spaghetti squash. They look amazing!

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