Labor Day Weekend Festivities

LDW 2012 was a fairly low key weekend. Tim and I drove up to my parents house on the Jersey Shore to enjoy a weekend of sun and beach. Unfortunately, the sun decided to show its face on Saturday only but we made sure to make the most of it by laying on the beach and playing in the sand for almost 4 hours.

We arrived Friday night and went straight to Surf Taco. You can see our surf taco adventures here. We then headed to the Patio Bar for some drinks. We only ended up having a beer each because the place was packed and we were being eaten by mosquitoes. Friday night was a TV and early bedtime kind of night.

Saturday morning I woke up and ran a quick 4miler before we ate breakfast and headed to the beach. Alyssa met us at my house, we loaded the car and drove to the beach. Again, we headed to Surf Taco for lunch. That night we decided we needed to go out on the town. Tim and I rarely go out and since it was LDW, why not? We met up with some friends and went to Parker House in Seagirt, NJ.

twinsies in blue

Sunday morning I made breakfast for myself, Tim, and Alyssa. You can see my delicious vanilla challah french toast recipe here. The sun decided to hide on Sunday so Tim and I did some shopping. We headed to Surf Taco, again, and then to Road Runner Sports and Lululemon. I ended up getting some great items from Lululemon on SALE! Who would have thought!?

Run: Shorty Short in deep indigo for $19!
Cool Racerback tank Race Length in seaside dot white/fossil for $19!

Sunday night we stopped by a friends LDW BBQ and ate some dinner and signed up for the washers tournament. It was a lot of fun! 42 people signed up for the tournament and were randomly chosen partners and we played in a bracket-style tournament. Unfortunately, I did not get past the 1st round and Tim didn’t get past the 2nd round. No winning money for us!

Happy couple on the left. Tim & Bolcar twins on the right.

Monday morning Tim and I awoke early for my 15 mile training run. More on my run tonight. After the run we had even more Surf Taco and then headed back to Maryland. The weekend was not long enough!

How did you spend your LDW?


1 thought on “Labor Day Weekend Festivities”

  1. You got some sweet deals from Lulu – I don’t think I’ve ever seen their clothes that cheap! I just bought their Dart & Dash shorts and love the material on the sides that keeps your shirt in place. Their longer racerbacks tend to move all over the place on me.

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