Marathon Training, Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout (Wk 9) 9/3-9/9

Monday September 3:
15 mi LR (from Week 8)

Tuesday September 4: 15 mile Recovery Day
NTC 30min Cardio Circuit (if my knee wants to)
30min Bike

Wednesday September 5:
Speed Workout
1mi Warm Up, 1mi Cool Down
1 x 1mi (400m RI) 7:47 pace
1 x 2mi (800m RI) 8:08 pace
2 x 800m (400m RI) 7:35 pace
Arms workout

Thursday September 6:
6 mile Tempo Run (4 @ 8:13 pace)

Friday September 7:
NTC 30min cardio circuit

Saturday September 8:
16 mile Long Run (9:08 pace)

Sunday September 9:
Rest Day
How is your training going?
Anyone else running the Philly Marathon in November?


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