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15 Mile Long Run

On Monday morning, I woke up at 8am to make breakfast and prepare for my 15 mile run. I made myself a piece of toast and a banana with peanut butter and I made Tim an egg white omelet and a piece of toast. I put on my running gear, including my compression socks and knee brace, and packed a backpack full of water bottles, a honey stinger waffle, a protein bar, and an oats and honey bar. Tim and I rented a bike on Sunday for him to ride next to me for both moral support and snack/water holder. My longest training run so far had been 12 miles (and numerous half marathons races) but I had never run a 15 miler. I decided to run at a local reservoir that had a 5 mile trail and just run it 3x.

I awoke to cloudy and 70 degree weather. SCORE! We headed to the reservoir, parked the car, got the bike, and got on our way. Tim was great company and I think also had a lot of fun riding a bike. He is now researching bikes to buy!

Let’s do this!

Since this was my longest training run to date, I took it easy. I stopped when I needed to, took walk breaks, bathroom breaks, and water breaks.

Playing on his bike!
Mid 15 mile run water break and photo break! 🙂

The 1st lap (5 miles) was a piece of cake, sort of. The 2nd wasn’t so bad either but I kept having to go to the bathroom. I still cannot figure out what my body needs and definitely doesn’t need before each run. Also, around Mile 10 (just like my half marathon last wee), my IT band started to bother me. I took a few more walk breaks than I wanted to and my splits definitely show it!

Avg Pace
Summary 2:25:44.6 15.10 9:39
1 9:39.8 1.00 9:40
2 9:37.9 1.00 9:38
3 9:43.8 1.00 9:44
4 9:32.7 1.00 9:32
5 9:22.5 1.00 9:23
6 9:18.9 1.00 9:19
7 10:58.9 1.00 10:58
8 9:16.7 1.00 9:17
9 10:00.8 1.00 10:00
10 9:24.2 1.00 9:24
11 10:01.1 1.00 10:01
12 10:17.6 1.00 10:17
13 8:49.3 1.00 8:49
14 9:25.5 1.00 9:25
15 9:15.8 1.00 9:16
16 :59.3 0.10 9:31

Tim had to push me through the last few miles and he was a great sport! I could definitely not have done this without him. I actually hope he buys a bike and does this for all of my long runs! While I was stretching, Tim decided to play a little bit more on his bike.

And then a nice little post-run picture of the two of us….

Yeah, yeah. I know you don’t like taking pictures!

I would consider my 15 mile run to be a success! All thanks to my boyfriend, Tim!!! 🙂

This weekend, a 16miler! Wish me luck! And let’s hope Tim buys a bike by then!


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