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Florida Bound

Tomorrow morning Tim and I are Florida bound for the week! First stop, Palm Beach. I have to work Wednesday and Thursday but the rest of the time is for playing! We will be in Palm Beach Tuesday through Friday and then heading down to South Beach for the weekend. I will make sure to take tons of pictures!

I lived in Florida for 4 months between college and grad school so I know the South Florida area well but I have never stayed in Palm Beach. I have been researching different places to see and restaurants to eat at. I am very excited to post about our trip and show you what we end up doing. I have been to South Beach a few times but I have only stayed over for a night. This time we are meeting up with my two younger sisters and their boyfriends to spend the whole weekend. Even though I am considering this a vacation (with the exception of my 2 work days), I have scheduled workouts and runs throughout the week. The marathon is coming up quicker than I have mentally prepared myself for. I am hoping the Florida sunrise and sounds of the waves make for a fun and relaxing long run this week! And that my knees decides to hold up!

Yesterday I ran my 16 mile long run. It was my longest run yet! Since Tim didn’t ride a bike next to me this week, I decided to head up to the park in Delaware (the one where I ran the Appendix Awareness 5k last month) and run there. I parked my car need the trail so that every 2.7 miles, I could grab water or a snack. Or take a nap (kidding!). The 1st 9 miles were good. My knee started to act up a little bit in Mile 10 (as you can see below thanks to my Garmin). I ended up walking a little bit during that mile. I put my brace on when I stopped at my car for a fuel break (water and a banana). I tried to pick it up a little between Miles 11 and 14 to make up for Mile 10. My mistake is that I look too much at my time on my long runs rather than just focusing on getting through the whole run without injuring myself even more. The last 2 miles were miserable! My right leg got so stiff I had to sit down at a bench and cry. I was a mile from my car and didn’t know what to do. I stretched and decided to push through it. When I got to my car around mile 15.1, I knew I had to finish it out. I pushed through it and ended up running too far (hence my 16.23 mile finish). Don’t be fooled by my 2:30 finish. I stopped my watch when I took my fuel and crying breaks. My total time at the park was actually around 2:50. I know, I know, thats cheating. But at least I didn’t lie and not mention it at all!


Avg Pace
Summary 2:30:06.2 16.23 9:15
1 8:49.0 1.00 8:49
2 8:50.0 1.00 8:50
3 9:00.4 1.00 9:00
4 9:14.7 1.00 9:14
5 9:09.8 1.00 9:10
6 9:00.9 1.00 9:00
7 9:04.5 1.00 9:04
8 9:18.5 1.00 9:18
9 9:06.9 1.00 9:06
10 9:51.3 1.00 9:51
11 9:01.8 1.00 9:01
12 8:55.3 1.00 8:55
13 8:53.4 1.00 8:53
14 8:59.5 1.00 8:59
15 10:36.6 1.00 10:36
16 9:55.1 1.00 9:55
17 2:18.4 0.23 9:50

I hope my knee stops acting up on my long runs. Throughout the week my knee/IT band feels great. I completed both my speed work and tempo run with no problems this week. I am also able to complete up to 8-10 miles of my long run before my IT band begins to irritate me. 26.2 miles isn’t going to be fun with this injury.

The good news? I finally figured out my stomach/mid-run potty issues. Bananas and nut butters do the trick! But i can’t have any breads/waffles/etc. I had a banana with almond butter before I left for my run. I had another banana at Mile 8. I finally realized what my body can and cannot have before a run! I consider this a HUGE success in my running career. Oh, and of course, Lemon tea flavored NUUN!


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