Marathon Training, Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout (Wk10) 9/10-9/16

Monday September 10:
Off (LR Recovery Day)

Tuesday September 11:
Speed Work
3 x (2 x 1200m – 7:47 pace)
2 min. RI
4 min. in between

Wednesday September 12:
NTC 45min Circuit

Thursday September 13:
6 mile Tempo Run (5 @ 8:35 pace)

  • I am switching up Week 10 and Week 11’s tempo run. I will be in Florida for work this week and Week 10’s scheduled tempo is 10 miles and I definitely do not see myself getting that done while away for work (and in Florida!).

Friday September 14:
12 mile Long Run (8:54 pace)

  • Tim and I will be traveling to South Beach for the weekend so I am going to try to get my long run in on Friday before we leave!

Saturday September 15:
Off day (LR Recovery Day)

Sunday September 16:
NTC 30min cardio circuit


2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout (Wk10) 9/10-9/16”

    1. Im not a fan and neither is my IT band. I do like the way it feels since these aren’t the longest runs I’ve EVER had. Its nice to say, “wow, I just ran my longest run ever” after my run. But I have also been saying “$%@#^& YOU IT BAND!”

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