Homeward Bound

Hello from the sky! I’m currently flying back from Florida and hoping to catch up on some blogging. I’m sorry I haven’t posted all week. I was either in meetings or enjoying the Florida weather (when it wasn’t raining) and Tim’s company on our first ever vacation together! I worked on Wednesday and Thursday but the nights and weekend I was all his! Most of our vacation involved relaxing and eating but since we love to do both, it was perfect. Because I took lots of pictures (especially of the delicious food we ate) I think it’ll be best I share with you a few posts rather than a really really super long post.

Unfortunately you’re not going to get much on my workouts because I was lazy and only worked out twice! 😦 My positive outlook on my lack of workouts is that I was able to rest my knee. The next two months will include more grueling and longer runs as I inch closer and closer to marathon day. Negative? I ate a lot!! And I mean A LOT! Next week I definitely need to take my workouts up a notch and also detox. I hope you enjoy my vacation recap!


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