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Week 10 WW Recap

Monday September 10:
Off (LR Recovery Day)
30min NTC cardio/legs circuit
15min Bike

Tuesday September 11:
Speed Work
3 x (2 x 1200m – 7:47 pace)
2 min. RI
4 min. in between
6.25mi (56:01)

Wednesday September 12:
NTC 45min Circuit

Thursday September 13:
6 mile Tempo Run (5 @ 8:35 pace)

  • I am switching up Week 10 and Week 11′s tempo run. I will be in Florida for work this week and Week 10′s scheduled tempo is 10 miles and I definitely do not see myself getting that done while away for work (and in Florida!).

1 mile treadmill run
15 min Biceps & shoulders circuit

  • I did 3 sets of each exercise (bicep curls, hammer curls, overhead press, front raises, lateral raises) and performed 30 jumping jacks in between each set. At the end of each exercise (3 sets), I did 25 crunches.

Friday September 14:
12 mile Long Run (8:54 pace)

  • Tim and I will be traveling to South Beach for the weekend so I am going to try to get my long run in on Friday before we leave!


Saturday September 15:
Off day (LR Recovery Day)

  • Even though I didn’t do anything on Saturday, I cant really consider it a recovery day since the only thing I was recovering from was my food coma and lack of exercise.

Sunday September 16:
NTC 30min cardio circuit
Week 10 was a bust for me! But since I enjoyed my “vacation”, I will just work extra hard the next few weeks making up for it! 🙂


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