Weekly Workout (Wk12) 9/24-9/30

Monday September 24:
Long Run Recovery Day- I might do some at-home yoga

Tuesday September 25:
Speed Work
3 x 1600m – 7:47 pace
400m RI

Wednesday September 26:
NTC 45min Circuit

Thursday September 27:
10 mile Tempo Run (8:35 pace)

Friday September 28:
Rest Day

Saturday September 29:
NTC 45min cardio circuit

Sunday September 30:
Long Run
18 miles

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2 Responses to Weekly Workout (Wk12) 9/24-9/30

  1. Running Bun says:

    this week looks stressful

  2. RunnerRitsa says:

    Haha, yup! I am not thrilled about it especially since Ill be in Florida all week for work. Speed work tomorrow shouldn’t be that bad but I don’t see a 10 mile tempo in my future.

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