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Florida Bound Again

I’m heading to Tampa for work only 9 days after I returned from Palm Beach and Miami. I’m only there until Friday so it’s a short trip. This was also the first time I booked a flight that let me sleep in just a tad.

I woke up with enough time to actually make some breakfast not that I would consider making oatmeal a very time consuming breakfast but it takes longer than grabbing a chobani. I cooked some old fashioned oats and added bananas, honey, and cinnamon just like the oatmeal I had in South Beach minus the apples. Yum!


I also had time to make myself a cup of coffee in the Keurig rather than stop for coffee. I tried the coconut mocha flavor and it was delicious! Unfortunately I don’t have a travel mug so a solo cup had to suffice. Classy!


I made it to the airport with some time to spare so I stopped for a snack and for lunch since I’ll be on the plane during lunch time and I want to make sure my lunch is fully digested before I hit the gym (or track if I can find one).

I found some Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Bars that I’ve heard so much about. This was the first place I’ve ever seen them or maybe just noticed them? I bought three flavors since I knew I could eat them as snacks throughout the week. I bought toasted coconut, orchard peach, and apple honey. Unfortunately airport prices got me at $3.40 EACH! Fail!


I also ordered a garden salad with tuna for the plane.


Time to board. See you in Tampa!


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