I HATE Side Stitches

I flew into Tampa on Tuesday and hit the gym once I checked into the hotel to do some speed work. I don’t know the area well so I didn’t want to chance 3 x 1600m around an area I wasn’t sure of. Less than 2 minutes into my run (a warm up, mind you) I got the worst side stitch in my left side and tried to run through it but it wouldn’t go away so I stopped running and decided to lift a little instead in order to feel like I actually worked out. Yesterday, after a failed attempt to get up early before meetings, I went to the gym when we got out for the day. Less than 1/4 of a mile into my a run, the same thing happened. I ended up pushing through until the 1 mile mark and then took a 5 minute or so walk break before I ran the 1 mile back to the hotel, side stitch and all. I was so frustrated!!

I thought that it may be the food I was eating or maybe I wasn’t drinking enough water. I’ve realized before that I am less likely to get side stitches on my morning runs so this morning I made a point to get out of bed when the alarm went off at 5:45 and I did. It was still dark out and although I found a great area to run down here in Tampa, I am not sure of how safe the neighborhood is in the dark so I hit the gym. This time, the stitch came on within seconds!

WTF! is all I have to say. I have researched this before because I used to get these randomly and once, about 6 months ago, I got them every time I ran for about a week and then the stitches went away.

I NEED HELP! This is completely ruining marathon training (this week, at least) and I have become so frustrated. I am hoping to try AGAIN after meetings today. Now, I am heading to breakfast to eat 583475987934 bananas hoping that the potassium helps.

Do you have any advice with side stitches?
A lot of articles talk about side stitches being more common among new runners or eating too soon before a run. I made sure of it this morning that I didn’t eat, at all, and I am not a new runner.


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