Marathon Training, Weekly Workouts

Week 12 WW Recap

Let me start out by saying that this week was a total bust! I decided to take Monday off because I had successfully completed a very hard week and was rewarding myself with rest and some shopping.

Tuesday morning I flew down to Tampa for work and headed straight to the hotel gym several minutes after I checked in. Less than 2 minutes into my speed work warm up, I got a pretty bad side stitch (or so I thought that’s what it was). Instead of pushing through it, I decided to do some chest and biceps exercises and call it a day. After a day full of meetings on Wednesday, I hit Bayshore Blvd (a scenic route in Tampa along the water) for a tempo/long/whatever run my body decided to allow. Well, my body didnt allow much and I ended up running a very painful 2 mile out and back run full of side stitch hell. After a very frustrated few days, I was assuming these side stitches were coming on due to a not so healthy lunch (and a meeting full of sweet and salty snacks) and forced myself to get up at 545am Thursday morning to re-do my speedwork on an empty stomach. Needless to say, my “side stitch” returned within seconds of beginning my warm up. I googled just about everything I possibly could on Thursday trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

Let me continue with saying that my “side stitch” was on the unusual left side of my body as opposed to the more popular right side. After much researching, and realizing that this oso called “side stitch” was peeking its ugly head out while I walked too, I self diagnosed myself with a abdominal muscle strain. It is all I could think of after the research I did. So, I decided to take it easy and rest and ice my side on Thursday and throughout the rest of the week. So, I hate to say that I did almost NOTHING all week. This was the last thing I wanted to happen at Week 12 of marathon training.

Monday September 24:
Long Run Recovery Day I might do some at-home yoga

Tuesday September 25:
Speed Work
3 x 1600m – 7:47 pace
400m RI

Wednesday September 26:
NTC 45min Circuit
2 mile run

Thursday September 27:
10 mile Tempo Run (8:35 pace)

Friday September 28:
Rest Day (and every other day)

Saturday September 29:
NTC 45min cardio circuit

Sunday September 30:
Long Run
18 miles

For anyone who knows the left side of the body really well, I have a mild pain right under my ribs, very close to the center of my stomach. It is uncomfortable when I run and when I walk briskly or do any sort of cardio workout. It does not hurt when I cough, laugh, sneeze, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I was able to run 6 miles today without any pain until I went to the gym and got onto I hopped off and jumped on the bike and had no pain.


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