Marathon Training, Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout (Wk13) 10/1-10/7

As much as I would like to re-do last week over and repeat all of last week’s workouts, I am just going to swallow my pride and take last week as it was.. a failure. There is no need in repeating last week. I have to just go into Week 13 hoping for a better week.

Monday October 1:
Strength Training (Chest & Biceps)

Tuesday October 2:
Speed Work
10 x 400m – 7:21 pace
400m RI

Wednesday October 3:
NTC 45min Circuit

Thursday October 4:
8 mile Tempo Run (8:35 pace)

Friday October 5:
Rest Day

Saturday October 6:
Long Run
18 miles

  • This week calls for a 20 miler. Since my longest run to date is 17 miles, I am going to repeat last week’s scheduled 18 mile long run so I do not overdo it.

Sunday October 7:
Long Run Recovery Day

WISH ME LUCK!!! I need it!


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