Fun, Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday: What I HATE about Marathon Training

If you have been reading some of my posts lately, then you know I have been a little bitter about my training, or lack thereof. So this week’s Top 5 Tuesday post is about the 5 things I hate about marathon training. You can call me bitter all you want but I bet some of you agree…

Also, I know last week I said I would be having Tim guest post with his Top 5 Supplements for working out but due to travel and other obligations, he will be guest posting next week so stay tuned!

  • Injuries
    • As you know, the higher you increase your mileage and the more you run, the more you are susceptible to injuries. Case in point: ME! I have not only suffered an IT band injury during the last 12 weeks of training but I have also done something (I have self diagnosed myself with a mild abdominal strain.. Don’t I sound so professional?) to my stomach and my knee.
  • Injuries
    • See above description. I am putting injuries for 3 of the 5 “Top 5”, one for each injury!
  • Injuries
    • See above, again.
  • Time commitment
    • This really isn’t something I necessarily HATE because I LOVE to work out but what I do HATE is how much I get down on myself when I miss a workout due to travel plans or previous obligations.
  • Cost
    • As a runner, I love all the gear that is associated with the sport. I love trying out new gear, protein/energy bars, accessories, etc but I don’t really like the cost that has come with marathon training. I love to run and I love to buy new clothes to run in but I don’t think I would have bought a lot of the things I did buy if I wasn’t marathon training. Example: $200 Garmin GPS watch. Don’t get me wrong. I love my watch and it has helped tremendously but since I was marathon training, I needed the watch NOW! (Or did i?) If I wasn’t marathon training, I wouldn’t use the excuse that “I am marathon training” and probably would have saved up for it or waiting for Christmas or my birthday.

This post isn’t supposed to put down the marathon or marathon training. Unfortunately, these are just some of the issues I have had or seen while marathon training. I LOVE to run and I love how I feel after my longest run to date and seeing what my body can do. What I don’t like is how it is taking a toll on my body even though I run less than most when marathon training. I ice, I foam roll, I take rest days, and I cross train. What gives?

Is there anything you hate about marathon training? Or training for any length race?


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