Marathon Training

In a Rut

Sorry for my lack of posting lately. I have been stuck in a little rut and have been pretty down on myself. Getting this close to the Philly Marathon, I am doubting my participation in the marathon more and more due to my knee problems and lack of training. I feel like I haven’t run in weeks. I have been able to get some tempo runs and speed work in but my knee pain shows it’s ugly head around Mile 1 and I try to just push through it. But because I have felt pain during these runs, I am unable to run a long run. My last long run was 17 miles on September 23. Uh oh.

I have been stretching, icing, and resting way too much for this pain to not be subsiding. Any tips, friends? I actually made an appointment to get a cortisone shot next week. Any thoughts? Drastic times call for drastic measures. I feel like I have been training so hard the past few months and for what? I am trying to keep a positive set of mind but it’s been hard. I decided to take this week off completely, except for some upper body work so that I don’t feel like a lazy slob.

poor knee

Has anyone tried a cortisone shot before?
Any tips/pointers/happy thoughts for me?


2 thoughts on “In a Rut”

  1. Have you ever tried Active Release Technique? It’s a soft tissue mobilization technique that might help in just a couple of visits. You can usually find it in a chiropractic or physical therapy office. best of luck!

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