Marathon Training

Marathon Red Zone

Just like the red zone in football (the space between the 20 yard line and goal) I am now considering myself in the “red zone” of marathon training. Less than 4 weeks to go until the Philly Marathon and it’s taper time. Is it technically taper time for someone who has been injured for the last 4 weeks (since September 25th) and haven’t ran a long run since September 23rd?

I have been to the sports medicine doc twice in the last 3 weeks and finally decided to get a cortisone shot this past Monday. With the marathon creeping up, it was my last resort besides dropping out of the race completely. It hasn’t seemed to “kick in” yet and I am hoping it starts working soon JUST so I can get through the last 3 weeks and the 26.2 miles I so ambitiously signed up for on November 18th. After that, I PROMISE to lay off my knee and rest. But, that is what I have been doing for the last 2 and a half weeks anyway. I ran ONCE since October 10th. No bueno.

I am seriously beyond terrified that 1) my knee won’t heal up by marathon day and 2) I won’t be able to run the marathon at all.

For all of you that are going to give me a hard time for resorting to a cortisone shot, I really didn’t know what else to do. I am THIS close to my first full marathon and I have been preparing and training for it so hard. The shot was my LAST resort before just dropping out. And just so you think I am not taking the easy way out, I have also been icing 2-3 times a day, stretching, foam rolling, and I signed up for PT. It starts next week and I am hoping the stretching, massaging, ultrasounding they do will help relieve some pain for my knee just so I can get through the marathon.

And for those of you who need proof…

Multitasking: icing AND cooking

Anyone have issues with their IT bands AND runner’s knee? Suggestions?
Has anyone had a cortisone shot? Results?


3 thoughts on “Marathon Red Zone”

  1. First off, great blog! Second, I’m running Philly too, yay! Third, ITBS and knee problems are the worst. I deal with a lot of that stuff too, but have never gone the cortisone shot route so I can’t speak to that. Since so much of the knee problems and ITB tightness comes from the fact that running gives us no lateral movement, I focus on a lot of stretching and motion that gives that. Something like side leg swings, side leg raises, and a few stretches to loosen up the “posterior chain” (includes the hips and top of the ITB) are all real helpful to build strength and flexibility. The foam roller and “the stick” are also two of my favorite investments. Hope your knee starts to feel better and good luck these next few weeks in the red zone!

    1. Thanks for the helpful tips! I have been stretching and foam rolling as much as I remember to :/ I’m hoping I’m ok to run the marathon. What’s your time goal!?

    2. Yes yes, lots of that! You will be great, just be smart about resting until then. My goal is to Boston Qualify, which is a 3:05 for me. Not sure it will happen, but trying to stay positive! We shall see…

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