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November Foodie Penpals

First off let me start with saying how much I LOVE Foodie Penpals. I love receiving new and favorite snacks and food each month from friends all over the U.S. Foodie penpals definitely adds to my pantry monthly. This month I sent a package to Victoria and received some great goodies from Erin. I was… Continue reading November Foodie Penpals

Race Recap

Philadelphia (half) Marathon Recap

Most of you know that I had been training hard through the summer and early fall to run the Philadelphia FULL Marathon. That, unfortunately, did not happen due to my body hating me and deciding to injury itself because it was too chicken to run 26.2 miles. Or that is how I like to think… Continue reading Philadelphia (half) Marathon Recap

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout 11/26-12/2

The next few weeks (or GASP! months) may look the same due to my stupid, gosh darn injury. Bike, physical therapy, repeat. Blah! Monday November 26: Physical Therapy Stationary Bike Abs Stretching Tuesday November 27: Cardio Strength Training Bosu Balance Wednesday November 28: Cardio Strength Training Bosu Balance Thursday November 29: Physical Therapy Friday November 30: Rest Day Saturday… Continue reading Weekly Workout 11/26-12/2

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout Recap (11/19-11/25)

I am sorry I have been sucking at blogging lately. With the lazy feeling of the Thanksgiving holiday, I also got lazy on the blog posting. But I am back in the game and have some great ideas for posts this week. Stay tuned! As for now, here is a recap of my workouts for… Continue reading Weekly Workout Recap (11/19-11/25)

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout (Post Marathon Training) 11/19-11/25

I guess I no longer need to use workout week #s since Marathon training is over. And I never ran a marathon. Weird. I guess I should have called it Half Marathon training while sporting a bum knee. After PT yesterday, I was told that the only cardio I can do right now is the… Continue reading Weekly Workout (Post Marathon Training) 11/19-11/25

Marathon Training, Weekly Workouts

Week 19 WW Recap (Marathon Week)

Monday November 12: Physical Therapy Tuesday November 13: Cardio Strength Training Wednesday November 14: Cardio Strength Training NTC 30 min- Fighter Fit Thursday November 15: Cardio- 15min elliptical Strength Training- Crossfit WOD (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1) Burpees, Squats, Pushups, Situps 11:44 6.01 mile treadmill speed work (6x600m, 4x400m, 90 sec RI) 55:42 Friday November 16: Rest Day 15min NTC Stretching Saturday November 17:… Continue reading Week 19 WW Recap (Marathon Week)