Happy November Rain (Before & After)

Who else is a Wheel of Fortune fan? Happy November, November Rain. Get it?

Chances of rain today in MD. Haven’t we received enough rain in the northeast?

I cannot believe it is already November. Another month closer to cold and snowy weather. I don’t mind the cold or the snow but I can’t stand frigid, so cold I don’t want to leave the warmth of my bed weather. But cold and snowy weather does mean snowboarding season. I just hope my knee holds up!

17 days until the Philadelphia Marathon and I am still debating my involvement. I have run twice this week (more than I have run in the last 5 weeks) but my knee is KILLING me today. It is swollen and does not like me. Good thing I start physical therapy today and hopefully they can fix me…. in 17 days.

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning (a measly 4 months) then you may have realized that I completely skipped writing an October goals post, as well as, posting the results of my September goals. This is because I am bitter about my injury and the fact that I probably didn’t accomplish any of my September goals. With that being said, I would like to create a fresh list of REALISTIC goals. Realistic being the keyword.


  • STRETCH every day, twice a day. If I can stretch more than twice a day then I better!
  • Foam roll the hell out of my entire body with emphasis on my quads, hamstrings, and IT band.
  • Drink more water- I joined the water club at work. This mean UNLIMITED water every month for $5! If I don’t take advantage of that, then I have no idea how else I am going to force myself to drink more.
  • Heal thy body- I promise that I will take as much rest from running and any physical activity that causes pain to my body AFTER the marathon. Please just let me get through the marathon. (17 days, 17 days)
  • STOP EATING SO MANY GOSH DARN SWEETS- This doesn’t help when I am not running or exercising. It was OK when I was doing a ton of physical activity to burn all the calories I was eating. I have realized that it doesn’t work that way when I am not working out as hard as I was.
  • Try CrossFit. I have been wanting to hit up a class at the nearby cross fit “box” but first I injured my IT band and now my knee so I haven’t been able to. Hopefully the knee pain will subside soon and I can check out what the hype is about!

Before I get too ambitious and start setting goals like run a sub 3:00 marathon by the end of November (hahahahah), I think 6 goals is enough for now.

What are your goals for November?
Have you tried CrossFit?


4 thoughts on “Happy November Rain (Before & After)”

  1. Before & After! Brad hates when that category pops up because it’s my strongest – he doesn’t stand a chance haha

    Hope the PT helps so you can run Philly 🙂 fingers crossed for you!

  2. I happen to stumble upon your blog. I am in the exact same position as you. I was planning on Philadelphia being my 5th marathon. I finished a 20 miler on October seventh. haven’t run more than 5 miles since do to my IT band and extreme knee pain. I’m heartbroken but I do not think I’m going to make it to the marathon. I think I need to get better and focus on running a really good next marathon. I’ve am feeling a sad and frustrated you but remember the always be another marathon!

    1. Yeah I have a feeling I won’t be running either. Thanks for stumbling across my blog. I hope you enjoy it! And maybe I’ll see you in Philly next year!

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