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Travel Day {Rock Island, IL}

Yes, I am traveling for work, again. This time to sunny, warm (frigid), Rock Island, Illinois. Oh yeah! My morning started out well. I slept in until 8am and made some yummy oatmeal. It was a mixture of Old Fashioned Oats, a splash of almond milk, Crofter’s Organic Apricot Fruit Spread, and raisins paired a cup of Coconut Mocha flavored coffee, straight from the Keurig.

Breakfast of Champions (and keeps you full when you don’t know when your next meal will be)
No sugar needed!

I then received an automated message from United Airlines that my flight was delayed until 4:05!! Umm, my original flight time was 12:10. This would OBVIOUSLY make me miss my connecting flight in Chicago. I called up United and they informed me that my flight was actually canceled and then booked me on an American Airlines flight around the same time. Phew.

I got dressed in my super comfy, trendy travel outfit.

I got to the airport with enough time to go to the bathroom and rest (aka snack on the apple cinnamon Kind bar) for a few minutes before boarding began. The PERFECT amount of time. I was off to Chicago.

I arrived in Chicago after a short 2 hour flight. I had about an hour until my other flight departed so I stopped for some lunch. I was lucky to have both flights in the same terminal and only needed to travel to a different concourse. But that is farrrrrrrrr. Definitely not like Baltimore Washington Airport. I finally decided on a veggie ciabatta sandwich from Wolfgang Puck Express because I dilly dallied around the airport looking for the perfect place to eat for about 45 minutes before realizing unless I chose something soon, I wouldn’t have time to eat before boarding.

The flight to Quad City/Moline airport was even shorter, 45 minutes. I had a beautiful view of the flat land of nothingness. Why is everything so square?

When I got off the 50 person plane (and by get off, walk down stairs and walk outside to the terminal), I went straight to baggage. And the WORST happened. My bag never came. Mind you, I came here for work and you saw my outfit (see above). I cannot wear that to a meeting! I sat and waiting with the 2 other people who also didn’t have a bag waiting to hear the dreaded situation of my lost bag. It was still hanging out in Chicago. By the look of this place, I’d rather be in Chicago too. My bag will be here around 830 tonight, hopefully (crossing my fingers). Unfortunately, it looks like all I can do here is work out. And my gym clothes are in my lost luggage! Wahhhhhhh.

The upside to my luggage debacle, is that I FINALLY rented a car that did not look like a mini, green spaceship. My “compact” car is an Impala. I’ll take it!

Next up dinner. And how to find it!


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