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The time has come {for the Philadelphia Marathon}

As much as I have been looking forward to running my FIRST full marathon in Philly this weekend, I know it is the right thing to just run the half. I have been injured for 2 months and the longest run I ran was 17 miles (55 days ago). If that run was a couple of weeks ago, I’d say I was ready for the full. I can even wing it if I wanted to right now but I would definitely not meet my time goal and I would definitely need to take A LOT of walk breaks and probably injure myself more. Since, I am still kind of injured, I probably shouldn’t be running the half at all. I did run 6 miles Thursday night without any knee pain so thats a good sign!!

I am heading to the expo in a couple of hours to pickup my packet, check out some great companies and gear, and meet up with 2 great ladies, Ashley and Kara. We might also bump into Melissa! I love expos! I am most excited to see KT Tape and hopefully get a professional knee tape up!

I should just work for KT Tape with this great tape job. Do you sense the sarcasm?

Ashley, Kara, and I are heading up to Shannon’s house after the expo for a fun girls night with a pasta dinner and probably a too late bedtime. Together we’re going to head back to Philly in the morning to run both the half (Me and Kara) and the full (Ashley, Melissa, and Shannon) marathon.

A recap of the Philadelphia Marathon to follow. Until then, wish us all (and my knee) luck!


6 thoughts on “The time has come {for the Philadelphia Marathon}”

  1. Listen to your body and your pain! I pushed more then I should have an I am now out of the running game for 1 – 3 months and it’s killing me. When I missed my first scheduled half this Fall, my friend told me there will be many other half marathons you can run, but you only have two hips, you need both and one isn’t working properly!

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