Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout Recap (11/19-11/25)

I am sorry I have been sucking at blogging lately. With the lazy feeling of the Thanksgiving holiday, I also got lazy on the blog posting. But I am back in the game and have some great ideas for posts this week. Stay tuned! As for now, here is a recap of my workouts for last week. They entailed a whole lot of biking and absolutely no running. Tear! (aka lots of tears!!)

Monday November 19:
Physical Therapy

Tuesday November 20:
Cardio- 60 min. stationary bike
Strength Training- 15 min. NTC abs
5 minutes of stretching

Wednesday November 21:
Cardio- 30 min. stationary bike
Strength Training- 30 min. back & biceps
5 min. of balance on Bosu

Thursday November 22:

Friday November 23:
Cardio- 35 min. stationary bike
30 min. chest & triceps

Saturday November 24:
30 min. walk with friend

Sunday November 25:
OffSpin Class
25 min. Shoulders, legs
5 min. balance on bosu

Total weekly (running) miles – 0
Total weekly minutes – 320 (up 75 from last week!)


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