Race Recap

Philadelphia (half) Marathon Recap

Most of you know that I had been training hard through the summer and early fall to run the Philadelphia FULL Marathon. That, unfortunately, did not happen due to my body hating me and deciding to injury itself because it was too chicken to run 26.2 miles. Or that is how I like to think about it. I did everything right. I increased mileage slowly, took rest days, cross trained, and I was only running 3 days a week. I still don’t get it but this post isn’t about my failure to understand why my body is injured but to recap the part of the marathon I did run, the HALF.

I drove to Philly from Maryland on Saturday to meet Ashley and Kara at the expo. While I was waiting for them, I stood in a 45 minute line to get professionally taped by KT Tape. I, as per usual, forgot to take a picture of my pretty tape up. After I picked up my (full marathon) bib and t-shirt, the 3 of us walked around a little bit trying every type of sample the CLIF Bar team had out to try and then headed up to Shannon‘s house for a sleepover before our 4am departure!

Kara posing in front of the Philadelphia Marathon Expo sign.

Shannon had dinner waiting for us (what a gem!) and it was a delicious spread of pasta, bread, and salad! After Shannon went upstairs to get some rest (good idea), Kara, Ashley, and I stayed up talking, “sticking” (see below), and downloading music for our playlists.

Kara & I, photo courtesy of Ashley

After only a few hours of sleep, I woke up and procrastinated for a little bit by just walking around confused and before I knew it we were on our way. While waiting for Melissa in the lobby of her hotel, Shannon and I smiled for the camera!

A long walk, gear check, and bathroom break were the only things between me and the start of the half on an injured knee that I hadn’t run more than 6 miles on in 2 months. Eeeek!

Shannon and Melissa were running the full and Kara and I were running the half. Ashley would mysteriously be all over the course being the best spectator ever! When it was time to start running, we ripped off some layers and we were on our way! The first 2 miles were packed and I could hardly get around anyone to go faster than a 9’30-10’00 minute mile. After Mile 2, I found a pocket and sprinted through and lost Kara along the way. Sorry Kara! Miles 3-6 were still kind of hard to get around people but I felt great! At this pace, I might even PR! A little after Mile 6, I saw Ashley and Erica and may have thrown any layers I didn’t want anymore in Ashley’s face. Sorry Ash! Way too many sorrys in one paragraph!

A couple miles and a few rolling hills (and mountain) later, a PR didn’t look promising anymore. My knee started to ache and I took my first (of 575467564854) walk break. By Mile 10, I had the worst side stitch I had ever experienced and couldn’t even run through it. Miles 10-13.1 had the most walk breaks. I even text Ashley at one point with “I can’t anymore.” My knee was the least of my problems because this mean stomach cramp was being a huge biotch! A sub 2:00 didn’t even look promising anymore.

Mile 12-13.1 was the longest mile ever. Ashley and Beth both saw me at the 13 mile marker and screamed my name but they said I looked  miserable and Ash didn’t even take a picture. Thank you for that. I do not want that misery documented.

That smile is a facade. Inside I am screaming in pain.
Yeah yeah, give me my warm sheet back! (Stolen!)

Below are my splits. Some are great, others not so pretty. Official half marathon time was 2:02:04. Although I seemed a little bitter about the last quarter of the race, I am thankful for a great time on an injured knee! I am also thankful for great friends who cheered along the way. And congrats to everyone else who ran both the 13.1 and 26.2!

Sorry for the bad picture. I haven’t uploaded this race to Garmin Connect yet.

A little surprise at the end to make me smile… My best friend’s niece (with her daddy) who were cheering on Mommy in the half! Congrats Kelsey!

Isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!?


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