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Date Night (Blue Hill Tavern)

Blue Hill Tavern in the Baltimore City neighborhood of Canton is my favorite restaurant. Since I no longer live in Baltimore, we don’t get to go that often anymore. Since its a bit on the expensive side and now a 45 minute drive, we only go once in a while. We went for my birthday in July, Tim’s mom’s birthday in September and then this past Saturday. We haven’t had a really nice dinner in a while and I bought a Groupon for Blue Hill so we decided to head down to Baltimore.

I love the atmosphere of this place, very trendy.


We were seated right away since we had reservations but since it was 8pm it was packed! It was Saturday night and I decided to have a drink! I started out with the “Hand in the Honey Jar” which had a cinnamon and honey infused bourbon, sour mix, and amaretto over ice. Delish!


Tim ordered the white sangria and later on a Blue Moon. Then Tim told me that we shouldn’t order appetizers especially since I can never finish my meals. So, I ordered an appetizer. This was my favorite restaurant and I was getting whatever I wanted. And I did say that to him. I ordered the Calamari Salad with peanuts, cilantro, grapefruit, and a chili lime vinaigrette.



Next up, our entrees. As per usual, Tim ordered the double crab cakes with roasted potatoes and corn. I ordered the pork tenderloin served with bacon and sour cream potato croquettes and broccolini over a cauliflower puree.

Port Tenderloin
Port Tenderloin

Tim was right. I only finished half of it. But I then informed him that I was having another drink and dessert, duh!

I ordered another bourbon based drink but this time it was the “New Old Fashioned.” It was vanilla bean and blueberry infused bourbon with simple syrup and water. It was good but way too strong for this girl.

IMG_2727Dessert was something new. Tim was too full for the first time ever to order his beloved Bread Pudding so I ordered the new addition to the menu, Pumpkin doughnuts with a creme anglaise.



Dinner was amazing at Blue Hill Tavern. I am NEVER disappointed. Afterwards, since it was still early, we went down to Canton Square to meet some friends and have a few beers. A great DATE night.

If you live in the Baltimore area, I highly recommend Blue Hill Tavern. You will not regret it!


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