Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout Recap (11/26-12/2)

Monday November 26:
Physical Therapy
Stationary Bike

Tuesday November 27:
Strength Training
Bosu Balance I found Tim’s hard to get present in east bumble maryland and had to drive to pick it up. #Workoutfail

Wednesday November 28:
Cardio- 30min bike
Strength Training- 30min NTC, 15 min Biceps & Back
Bosu Balance

Thursday November 29:
Physical Therapy
30min bike
3 mile run (26:50)- no pain!
15min NTC abs

Friday November 30:
Rest Day

Saturday December 1:
Cardio- 1.5 mile run- I woke up with a weird pain in my left ankle (opposite leg of my “broken” knee). I don’t remember falling or twisting my ankle. Seriously, I have come to the conclusion that my body does not want me to run!
Yoga- 15min NTC yoga

Sunday December 2:


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