Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout Recap (12/3-12/9)

Monday December 3:
Physical Therapy
Rest Day

Tuesday December 4:
Strength Training- Upper Body
Bosu Balance (if my ankle can handle it)
My ankle was very swollen on Tuesday so I made it a rest day. The last thing I want is to have two injuries on two different legs hindering me from running.

Wednesday December 5:
Bike – 10 minute cool down
Strength Training – Upper Body (Back & Biceps with lunges and squats in between sets)
Bosu Balance (again, if my ankle can handle it)
Arc Trainer – 60 minutes

Thursday December 6:
Physical Therapy
Rest Day
NTC Get Lean “Fire Drill” – 45 minutes
NTC Jeanette Jenkins Ab Blast – 15 minutes

Friday December 7:
Cardio- hopefully a run
NTC workout
Rest Day

Saturday December 8:
Cardio – 45 minutes hills on Elliptical
Abs – 5 minutes

Sunday December 9:
Rest Day
Tabata Workout – 15 minutes
NTC Butt Buster – 15 minutes

Total miles – 0
Total minutes – 230 minutes

Since I am no longer training for a marathon or any other race, I will just be posting weekly workout recaps at the end of each week rather than a recap and the next week’s “planned” workouts. With my injury and lack of running, I do what I can each week and I don’t want to set myself up for failure with workouts that may not happen and then feel disappointed at week’s end that I didn’t accomplish what I had planned. When I am healed and training again, they will be back up!


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