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Hung For The Holidays 2012

Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year. I love Christmas trees and seeing all of the ornaments that have been bought, been given, or made throughout the years. This year, I was able to add another ornament to my tree. Most of my ornaments are at my parents house in NJ but my roommates and I put up a small tree with a few ornaments. One of them being the ornament I was sent from Carlyn for the Hung For The Holidays Ornament Swap.

The ornament swap is a nice way to give and get new ornaments for your Christmas tree. A spending limit is set and partner pairings were sent in November. I sent an ornament to Maureen at Running on Cabernet and I received an ornament from Carlyn at Just Keep Sweating.

I made it very well known to Carlyn that I was an Eagles fan (the football team, not the band) and I received the cutest, BEST ornament ever! She sent me a very nice card and a beautifully wrapped box with some M&Ms. Yum!!

photo 1(47)

photo 2(44)

photo 4(31)   photo 3(37)

I am looking forward to 2013’s Hung For The Holidays Ornament Swap.

Happy Holidays!


5 thoughts on “Hung For The Holidays 2012”

  1. So happy you like your ornament 🙂 The Eagles are my second favorite NFl team… first being [don’t hate me or feel bad for me] the Jets… gotta stick with the green! Thanks for participating!

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