Christmas, running

Christmas Presents (and running)

Last Thursday, my physical therapist, Teddy, cleared me to try running over the holiday weekend. Since I started PT at the end of October, this is the first time I was told I was “allowed” to run. Yes, I ran a couple of times when I felt good at the end of November but the three times I did, my knee felt worse afterwards. This time, I was ALLOWED to.

I headed home to NJ last Friday for Christmas with Tim. Since he was only staying for 2 days, we decided to open presents Friday night by my parents Christmas tree with a nice glass of Riesling. I opened some great gifts. The boyf did awesome this year!

He got me a rose gold Michael Kors over sized watch, a Brookstone nap robe, Minnetonka moccasin slippers, gloves, and new Mizunos (Wave Inspire 9)!!

$1DAC95AFD95198C8 $75DE70BFA50F67DF

From me, he got a crockpot, socks, and his new pistol.


Tucker also wanted to open presents.


And the aftermath..


Later that weekend…

I made it to the gym on Sunday wearing my new kicks, thanks to Tim!


After some strength training, I decided to run 2 miles on the treadmill and see how I felt. About half of a mile into my run I was on Cloud 9. “No pain, no pain, no pain!.”

And then it turned into.. “wait, do I feel something?” “Is that a pain in my knee?” “Is this all in my head?”

A mile into my run, my knee started to ache a little. Not a painful ache, just an “I feel you and I should probably stop” ache. I didn’t. I told myself I would run 2 miles and I did. I ended up running 2 miles in 19:10. Definitely not my fastest 2 miles, but speed isn’t what I am focusing on. Once I am fully recovered, I am hoping to get back to where I was (in both endurance speed) prior to my injury.


Since I only did 2 miles, I also added another 35 minutes on the elliptical and bike. Some necessary planks concluded my workout.

Since last Sunday my knee has felt good, overall. My ankle, on the other hand, does not. I am not sure what I did to it but I have a feeling it is sprained or I have a stress fracture. I am making an appointment with my sports medicine doc to get confirmation of yet another injury!! 😦


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